Want to run your first ultra?

Trying to BQ?

How about that 5k you’ve always wanted to run?

Maybe you just want to improve your fitness or learn how to train without getting hurt?

I can help!

I offer very affordable options for the beginner/novice runner. Whether you want to make that jump from marathons to ultras or from 5k to the half marathon and are unsure of what it takes; or maybe you tried that half marathon and had a rough time and could benefit from some structure, or you just want to be held accountable to your goals, I can help.

So what do you get?

A personalized running and workout plan, subject to change daily based on your feedback- this is not one of those cookie cutter, one-size-fits-all, found-it-on-the-internet training plans. We’ll look at your injury history, running habits, nutrition, personal goals and work together to figure out what works best for you and your schedule.

Hate the track? No problem, no track work for you! Confused about what a tempo run is? That’s what I’m here for!

We will design a dynamic plan as partners- you will be fully involved every step of the way. The goal is to get you to participate fully in the process so eventually you don’t need me anymore- that’s right! I believe in empowering every client towards self-coaching.

Texts, e-mails and phone calls put me right there with you virtually all day.

I work on a sliding-scale basis depending on how much interaction you decide you need. 

Sign up for three months and receive a 20% discount!

Start here if you’re interested in getting the ball rolling:

Who am I?

I’m not going to lie here and tell you that I’m winning races, no- I’m a solid mid-pack runner with a marathon PR of 3:05. I’ve run Boston, I’ve also run three 100-milers. I’ve run the neighborhood 5k, I’ve run USATF-sanctioned cross country and track events. I like to mix it up, road, trail, track; whatever!

What I hope to gain from coaching is that you’ll enjoy the simple act of running as much as I do, that’s the best gift a coach can give.

I’ve completed 38 ultras, 7 road marathons, 3 trail marathons, and raced many other distances from 5k to 20 miles. With PRs of 17:59 (5k), 38:35 (10k) and 1:24:24 (13.1) it’s clear I’m not anywhere near elite level, but I’m proud of those benchmarks, as they provide a peek into the developing process of the give and take of coaching: being teachable, trying new things, taking advice and applying my knowledge base to achieve actual results.

I’ve used those cookie cutter training plans and never really saw the results I had been hoping for; it was when I started to tweak my plans and tailor them around my strengths and work on my weaknesses that I started to achieve success. Designing a training program for myself then sharing it with other runners, encouraging them to tweak it to their liking as well as helping them to re-design it based on what I have learned- this is the thing that has piqued my interest and pushed me to get into coaching.

That’s why I want to pass it on.

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I am a Certified Distance Running Coach through the Jack Daniels’ VDOT O2 Distance Coaching Certification Courseunnamed


Jimmy is pretty much 100% positive, low-key, flexible, super encouraging and specific without being micromanaging. My occasional missed runs were no big deal to him, we just chalked it up and moved on. I always looked forward to communication with him- he didn’t press me on everything I needed to learn, and he did not insist that he had all the best ideas or anything like that. He left lots of room for me to learn things on my own, experiment, pick up things from others, and try different things. That being said, Jimmy has read and thought about a ton of the running and training literature. He also rubs shoulders with all kinds of active competitive runners. So, working with Jimmy gives you access to a really wide body of experience and knowledge. When you think about all the hours of training we runners do, the expense of shoes and gear, and the potential for just a better running experience, surely the modest cost of coaching is well worth it! And especially when really wonderful coaches like Jimmy are ready, willing, and able to help you.

  • Russell Yee (Oakland, CA)
    First marathon: 4:54
    Most recent marathon: 3:43

I am very pleased with Jim and find his coaching methods to be intelligent and effective. He wrote me a very comprehensive training program and has given me important guidance to help me work through an injury. We met for an initial meeting where he spent time talking with me about my goals and looking over my form. He gave me on-the-spot advice and suggested adjustments that I have found to be a difference maker. He has me on track to reach my goals and avoid further injury. He has great experience in all distances and I would highly recommend him to any adult looking to improve their time, distance and form.

  • Steve Chamberland (West Hartford, CT)

After completing my first half marathon at the age of 48, I was left wondering, “What’s next?” I knew that I could run farther, but wasn’t sure how to even begin training for a full. After signing-on with Jimmy he laid out in the different phases of training he would use to get me to this goal: VO2max, threshold, and steady state runs. The training plan he laid out was tailored to my specific needs, he was always accessible to give me a pep-talk or advise me on injury avoidance, and was a consistent positive and motivational force. With Jimmy’s help I completed my first marathon and felt like I was well fit for race day. The best compliment I can give him is this: the next time I sign up for a marathon (or more), I’ll be hiring Jimmy as my coach again!

  • Robb Lukens (Weymouth, MA)