I’ve been a personal running coach for six years now- coaching runners towards Boston Marathon qualifiers as well as college cross country athletes, half marathon finishers, and folks looking to improve their 5k times. I work best with self-motivated adults and teens that are both looking to improve their general fitness through following a running program as well as helping them to design their own plans. I currently hold a Jack Daniels’ RunSMART VDOT O2 Distance Coaching Certification, but utilize Arthur Lydiard’s periodization approach, supplemented with the tried-and-true coaching methods of Brad Hudson, Pete Pfitzinger, Steve Magness, Matt Fitzgerald and Jason Koop. My educational background is as a teacher, with 16 years of experience at all grade levels.

– 3:05:45 marathon PR
– 1:24:24 half marathon PR
– mile PR of 4:59.57
– four-time Boston marathon qualifier
– USATF Connecticut Master’s Champion for 2018 at both 1500 and 3000 meters
– second place overall, 2018 Hamden Hills 5k
– second place, 2018 West Rock Super Prestige 5k trail race
– third place overall, 2016 Roxbury Marathon
– 4:24 50k PR and 8:18 50-mile PR
– have completed 50+ ultras including nine 100-milers
– 5k PR of 17:59.89 and 10k PR of 38:12

A typical training block with me would last anywhere from 8-24 weeks, depending on your goal race and distance. It also has a lot to do with where we are in terms of beginning fitness, so you could expect your training to consist of working on three main areas:
1) improving aerobic conditioning
2) strength and endurance
3) getting faster