Full moon run #2 (12-10-11)

Got myself a headlamp, got a running partner and hit the Redwoods late Saturday night and did some really fun trail running in the last full moon of 2011.

Started at the aptly named Moon Gate on Skyline, dropped down to the Stream Trail (via Tres Sendas trail), trucked a few miles down Stream to Chown, then climbed a good 500+ feet to West Ridge and back to Moon Gate. Took my friend Cameron who’s been getting more into running- I had initially said I wanted to do 12 miles and he was like no way but was like “if we do 6 on a trail with some drops/climbs, it’ll be more like 8 or so…”

Here’s the mileage thingy:

We ran super slow, stopped a lot to check the map and trail markers, just kind of ambled up some of the more severe inclines. I’d say conservatively we wasted a good 15 mins just sort of farting around with non-running. All-in-all, it was a fun time.

This full moon run is gonna be a monthly thing, my friend Andrew wants in on it now.

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