Today’s run…

…was a 3 hour, 11 minute and 8 second romp through the Redwoods that started at 6:05 AM in the pitch blackness with a glorious fog replete with periods of rain and mud. Did the first big loop of ~11.3 miles in 1:55 or so, stopped back at the car and dropped off the headlamp, re-applied cream for the oft-chafed areas and grabbed some headphones (I needed a “pacer” for the last 7.2 loop which I crushed at an hour and 16 mins).

Nutrition: ate a banana and a whole wheat english muffin & Nutella with a huge cup of coffee upon waking, then 6 Gu’s and 64 oz of h2o (3 lemon-lime Nuun tablets, please) during the run. 

Only about ~1800 feet of up elevation, I wanted to take it easier after last week’s monster run (Tilden Park; 3:34 / 19.73 mi @ 10:50 per with ~3100 feet of climbing).

Getting ready to really start upping the mileage, I’ll probably do an easy run tomorrow of ~10 miles, take Monday off (skiing!!!) and do an easy run Tuesday morning. Then speed work Weds, easy run Weds night.

So today’s run was 18.42 miles (10:22 per mile); and I want some more.

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