YOU’RE LIVING THE DREAM!!!!!!! I look up to you and am already absolutely in love with this blog. Where you’re at now is where I want to go someday. Tell me, how did you start and make your way up? Or rather, what made you start on your climb up? Answer both, I’m excited. Hot damn looking through these pages has made me want to get up and run, if not for this damned injury at the moment

I started running a little over 2 years ago- I tried some endurance bike stuff right before I started running (an “alley cat” race, you heard of those? If not, they’re kinda like a scavenger hunt on a bike).

I did like 48+ miles, 6 or 7 stops in between (I had to stop at each to get my manifest stamped) they basically give you a manifest and say go to all of these in whichever order you want; 4 hours 10 minutes (I think I finished like 25th from the bottom, like 125th place?) and that was enough to hook me into endurance sports I guess…

I started running a few weeks later, the Bay Area bike community wasn’t what I expected (basically a bunch of hipsters that were more concerned with what kind of brakes I had on my bike or what type of jeans I wore) so I figured something more solitary; voila running!

I started slow, couldn’t even run a mile first few times out, then within a month I could run 2-3 miles 3 days a week, then added another day, etc.

Found out about Hal Higdon’s half marathon training plans, followed that, ran 5 days a week; every “long run” was my longest until I did the SF Half in July of 2011. Then I decided I hated running streets/concrete, went on a trail run and loved that. Stopped running with music shortly after, ran a trail half (Nov. ‘11), then a 20k (Dec. 11), then a 30k (Jan ‘12), then my first trail marathon (April ‘12) and then my first 50k (June ‘12).

I just slowly increased my mileage, stopped obsessing over pace and distances and just ran. I guess, yeah- I just run now with an hourly time frame, like I could go out and run 4 hours on trails and that might only be 20 miles (I could probably run 30-35 on roads in 4 hours). Trails are a whole different beast.

So yeah, I just progressed slowly over the first year and maybe much quicker over the last year, I had to change some things like my stride rate (180-200 per minute now), shortened my gait, went to more minimal shoes, stopped pounding the downhills like a madman, eating better (fresher vegs, less meat, more fish and whole grains).

I hope that answers? Thanks for asking.

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