It’s on!

I said I was going to take the rest of the year off (after the 50-miler) but that’s an unreasonable thing to say because I’m completely hooked now.

So, this is happening on Saturday and I’m going to do the 50k:

This was my first ever trail race, one year ago. I did the half marathon (it was my third half) and I tried it at the urging of a friend that was running it. This was the race that started everything for me; I learned about ultras right after this- and quickly figured out a way to train for my first marathon (April, 5 months after running this race and using a really tough 20k and 30k to go up to that 26.2 mile distance) and first 50k (7 months after).

This will be my 4th 50k and 5th race at an ultra distance. I think my ability to run great distances is a testament to training, adding miles slowly and steadily and setting my main goal as “having fun”. I’m pretty lucky also in that I recover really quickly.

Anyway, I’m super psyched. Again. It’s all come full circle.

Lake Chabot Coastal

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