Today’s run

Oh those damn hills! I knew I was looking at a good 1200+ feet of elevation changes, but they weren’t as spread out as I had hoped. Holy crap.

Here’s the map (oh, I got a new GPS app, it’s called Runmeter and I think it’s okay, so far):

That’s the slowest 8 miles I’ve ever run, but it’s also probably the most hills I’ve ever done in that time/mileage frame. Here I thought I’d be able to rip downhill in my usual crazy antelope fashion; but due to heavy mud and some really rocky technical terrain on some of these downhills I really had to reel it in. Little steps, little steps.

Here’s a shot of Mt. Diablo partially obscured by clouds in the distance:

San Pablo Reservoir right below. Hazy East Bay day, and ‘twas much warmer than I anticipated. Sweat is good, though- right?

So I ran along the Bay Ridge Trail a bit each way on Seaview Trail and Nimitz Trail, then dropped down into Laurel Canyon which was a super cool, shady singletrack that dropped and dropped. Here’s a shot from a bridge over a little creek trough:

Looks like that tree rolled over and decided to grow sideways. Nature is cool.

Anyway, that’s all for now.

Oh, and I listened to some music for part of the run.

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