What do you eat?

Winter is fast approaching, which for some people means packing it in and packing it on. Yeah, not here at the Hotel Excelsior (my joke name for this humble abode I share with my lady and our cat, Aube). We’ve been going healthier, rawer, dare I say gravitating towards a more vegetarian lifestyle. As I write that last sentence I remember we did have chicken last night, and I had a burger on Tuesday night, but before that…

…I can’t remember the last time I ate meat. Like serious red meat. I can’t remember my last steak- I was just saying a few weeks ago that after my next half marathon I’m going to Denny’s for a big-ass steak-and-eggs meal, but what I did was come home and make a protein shake, followed by some eggs and toast a few hours later (and a sweet nap).

So basically, here’s what’s been eaten a lot the last few months here at Casa Excelente:

– red quinoa

– polenta

– beans (most pinto and black)

– tuna

– this awesome “roasted root vegetables” thing I’ve been making: turnips, purple carrots, gold beets, shallots, green and yellow summer squash (I know, squash isn’t a root veg)

– organic free range chicken

– nuts, lots of nuts (almonds, macadamias, what have you)

– seeds (sunflower & chia, mostly)

– Udo’s 3-6-9 Oil

– roasted butternut squash soup

– kale, spinach, collards: leafy-ass greens yo

– brown rice

– banana every morning BEFORE coffee

– berries out the yazoo (blue-, rasp-, tart cherries, booyaa)

You know, this list can go on and on forever. Basically, we eat really well. This is the first year I haven’t gotten sick from our crop of brand new toddlers at school.

I’m contributing this to diet, running 40 miles/week, positive mental outlook, creative love and deepening spirituality.

Sounds like we’re doing okay over here.

What you been eating?

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