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Debunking the Myths: Saturated Fat is Your Friend

Dietary fats, specifically saturated fats, are not the demons they’ve been made out to be. Ever wonder how it got that way? Bad Science and Lies… In 1947 a researcher named Ancel Keys (remember that name) began a study on … Continue reading

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Dear Everyone…

I feel like a dick for saying this (and I probably, no; most likely, err definitely am) but if you’re a tumblr that obsesses about your weight or the things you eat, I’ll stop following you. I think it’s great … Continue reading

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What I’ve been eating…

Been making some great dinners at home lately; feels good to have a real kitchen again. Thanks for indulging my inner chef by letting me share all these food pics.

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What do you eat?

Winter is fast approaching, which for some people means packing it in and packing it on. Yeah, not here at the Hotel Excelsior (my joke name for this humble abode I share with my lady and our cat, Aube). We’ve … Continue reading

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