Haven’t run in 5 days…

Big time sad face thingy. Damn.

I did it again, “it” being jacked my back (somewhere in the L5 region, if any one has had recurring back problems you know what’s up.)

Just been visiting the chiropractor, trying to get it out of extension/flexion, doing those prescribed stretches and hopefully getting this damn spasm to release. Damn damn damn is all I can say.

Hopefully can run in time for the Piedmont 5 mile Turkey Trot thing on Thanksgiving morning. This definitely sets my training schedule back 7-10 days. Gonna have to build up again and slowly get back to 45-50 miles a week.

22-miler on January 7th. I wonder if I’ll be ready in time for it? I wonder if I’ll be able to ski soon, too.

Pray for Ullr.

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