November was off to a fine start…

Was looking at my running log today- damn I was kicking ass until I janked my back up. Gonna have to re-assess my goals after tomorrow, and hoping I can be “medically cleared” to get back out there Tuesday morning.

November running log:

Tues 1st – 5 miles

Weds 2nd – 4 miles

Thurs 3rd – 3 mi (obviously a “taper” week)

Fri 4th – Rest

Sat 5th – Lake Chabot Half Marathon (1:48.28, 12th overall & 2nd in the 30-39 men)

Sun 6th – Rest

Mon 7th – 4 mi

Tues 8th – 5 mi

Weds 9th – 6 mi

Thurs 10th – full moon run! 10 miles

Fri 11th – Rest

Sat 12th – 7 miles

Sun 13th – 9 miles (all-trail run, awesomeness)

Mon 14th – 5 miles…

…then nothing since.

Being injured sucks. Here’s to Tuesday morning, I’m hopeful I can get back out and do at least 3 miles.

At least I made some sweet Spotify mixes, watched a ton of ski movies (Attack of La Nina is pretty awesome…)

Keep on keepin’ on.

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