Long time no update…


I realized I haven’t updated a training log since the 11th, so here’s tricks since then:

12th – 7.29 miles (Thursday night group run in the Redwoods)

13th – rest

14th – 6.76 mi (Redwoods, AM)

15th – 15.03 miles (San Francisco run with my friend Carl, was able to keep up with him at 8min/miles until mile 11, then I bonked and fell way off pace)

16th – rest

17th – 7.31 mi

18th – 9.08 miles (Redwoods night run with Pat)

19th – rest

20th – 5.3 miles (speed workout on track)

21st – 15.26 miles (Redwoods, AM run- 1800+ feet of climbing)

22nd – rest

23rd – 5.97 miles (wanted ~6, hit it)

24th – 4.91 mi (speed work on track, targeted ~5)

25th – 4.09 mi (easy run around Lake Merritt with Cameron, targeted ~4)

26th – 3.40 mi (Sibley Volcano run, targeted ~3)

27th – rest

Feeling really good about the taper I had this week, this race tomorrow should be a pretty accurate determinant of the skill set I’ve picked up in the last few weeks incorporating a lot of hills, speed work and super technical trails. I’m eating mostly carbs these last few days, sleeping really well; bring on the Steep Ravine.

Here’s a look at the course map, I love these Marin trails:


I’m really psyched. 3,470 feet of climbing- I’m hoping the combo of speed work and hills (and speed work on hills!) gives me the legs I need to tackle two major climbs.

I’ll keep you posted…

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