And we train…

Since we last spoke…

2/19 -6.93 miles, was supposed to be a rest day but I really wanted to run.

61.81 miles for the week of Feb 13th-19th

2/20 – 6.84 miles, ran from Sibley Staging Area to Tilden’s Steam Trains and back (1:09:20) with a negative split (36 out / 33 back). It’s about +600 feet of climbing on the out and ~300 on the way back. East Bay Skyline Trail, y’all.

2/21 – 6.34 miles, boring road junk miles @ 8:29 pace

2/22 – AM: ran 10 x 400 intervals with ~1 mi of warm up and ~1 mi of cool down (5.43 total) and ANOTHER PM session of 6.91 miles easy, slow miles

2/23 – 8.32 miles, PM run at Redwoods with Pat

2/24 – rest

2/25 – 22.38 miles at Tilden- ran the 30k (actually was 19.05 miles) course for the Grizzly Peak race (April 7th, the trail marathon I am currently training for) then did another 3.3 mile loop (Curran -> Canyon Meadows -> Wildcat Grove). Here’s my splits:

4.8 miles (would be the first aid station): 54:35

8.5 mi (2nd aid station, +3.7 mi): +42:15

13.1 mi (3rd aid, +4.6): +49:17

19.05 mi (30k course, 4th aid): +1:08:09

22.38 mi (total, +3.33 mi): 35:21

total time: 4:09:39 (link for course map, link for other course info & elevation gains)

2/26 – 6.78 miles, slow with lots of climbing

63.01 miles for week of 2/20-2/26

2/27 – 6.84 mi, reverse of the run I did on 2/20 (did it in ~1:10)

2/28 – 5.56 mi, did Skyline Gate @ Redwoods to Sibley’s Round Top trail and back (28:30 out, 28:56 back). Here’s a trail map. I think this is the most challenging section of the trail, it drops down into this insane canyon and the climb out is at 50+ degrees sometimes.

2/29 – 7.43 miles, PM (Redwoods, first solo night run up there- was wet and foggy)

February miles – 223.58 with 6 days of rest

3/1 – 9.12 mi, Redwoods again with Pat & Jamison. Ran a 10:01 pace.

3/2 – rest day (actually, fun day- skied insane powder at Alpine Meadows!)

3/3 – rest day; first time I took off 2 days in a row since like last September- I’m really starting to feel the miles in my legs, not to mention the way I’ve been sleeping (head hits pillow, and we’re out!) but trying to eat enough to make sure the tank is always above E (I think I need close to 4000 calories a day now). Anyway, I volunteered at Coastal Trail Run‘s Montara Mountain race in the morning and it was awesome. Not only to help some great runners on their big day but to meet some other awesome volunteers, learn some cool things about nutrition and hydration, etc. A really cool community-building experience. Volunteer at a race everyone!

3/4 – 15.9 miles, Redwoods (did Moon Gate -> West Ridge -> Toyon -> Golden Spike -> Bridle -> Stream -> Mill -> French -> Tres Sendas -> Moon Gate for first loop and then West Ridge -> Stream -> Prince -> East Ridge -> Canyon -> Stream -> Tres Sendas -> Moon Gate next loop) 2 hr 47 mins at ~10:30 per mile. I call this one an “easy long run” because I was supposed to do ~23 miles but I’ll get out and hammer those miles next Saturday.

44.85 miles for week of 2/27-3/4

3/5 – 5.05 miles (48:54.1) ran the hills up into Piedmont, Monte Vista -> Oakland Ave -> Highland route

3/6 – 6.55 miles (1:02:10) ran hills again, did the Monte Vista -> Grand -> Mandana -> Crocker -> Wildwood route

3/7 – today (might run an easy ~7 tonight, might take another rest day; stay tuned).

I’m exactly a month out from my next race, the Grizzly Peak marathon, things are progressing nicely. I’m noticing a bit of fatigue lately, but fighting through the “tired” while trying to focus on what actually “hurts” vs. just plain “sore”. I’m noticing a slight dull ache in my left ankle, definitely going to stay on top of it and not try to push it too hard- it feels like it could just be an overuse thing. I’d rather lose days running now, a month out than be hurt right before the race. 

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