Ran 26.57 miles last night.

Saw all kinds of wildlife up on the Bay Ridge Trail- in order; deer, goats, more deer, feral cat, baby possum, skunk, another feral cat, baby coyote and a raccoon.

I took BART to the Castro Valley station, ran 3 miles up Redwood Rd. to the Brandon Trail trailhead, ran through Lake Chabot Regional Park and the connecting Anthony Chabot Reg. Park (along MacDonald Trail) then into Redwood Regional on Golden Spike Trail (crossed Redwood Rd right as the sun was setting), switched on the ol’ headlamp (or “torch” as they call them overseas, I kinda like that) ran up Bridle Trail to the turn into Canyon Meadow, filled my Camelbak up then up Canyon Trail (I think this was about 14 miles or so at this point), all the way on East Ridge to that connector trail into Huckleberry Canyon, back up into Sibley (I think at that point it’s just called the East Bay Skyline Trail) and out onto Grizzly Peak Road, then made a left on Claremont and a few more pavement miles to home.

I think about 7 of those miles were pavement.

5:27.06 and +4238 feet of climbing.

9 gels.

3 Nuun tablets.

120 oz of water.

Something really weird happens to the human brain around mile 22, I discovered this during some previous training runs but not during my marathon- I think it’s easier to lose focus when you’re training.

I swear I came up with all these cool calculus formulas and shit, and then remembered I never took calculus.

I wrote like 6 or 7 songs about Game of Thrones characters.

I had a conversation with myself as a ten year old.


Next Sunday; 50k. Let’s do this.

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