Epic Run – December 15th Edition!

Did another Epic Run in Marin yesterday. 19.12 miles with 3,100 feet of climbing. 3:43:24. Felt pretty good, it had been almost 5 weeks since I did anything longer than 10 miles; sort of a combo of tired legs and not having any races lined up to train towards.

Just a 9.41 mile jaunt from Muir Beach (8 feet above sea level) to Mount Tam’s East Peak (2,571 ft above sea level) and a 9.71 mile run back (there were some missed trail junctions and a few quick add-on connector trails on the return). Here’s the GPS map (one-way only):

Weather was overcast and foggy the whole way up, started pouring rain about 5 mins before the peak.

2:04:12 from Muir Beach to summit.

Hit a really strong downpour from the start of the return to Pantoll Ranger Station, once I passed the station (and filled my water) I got back under the trees so I stayed “dry” (as far as not getting direct rain). I gotta give props to the Brooks LSD jacket, kept me relatively dry in a torrential downpour, was easy to take off when I got too warm and packs down into a tiny little ball. A+ for that thing.

It finally stopped about 20 mins later as I was hitting the Dipsea Trail.

Yeah, that’s an art shot.

A lot of fog.

The trails drain pretty well for the most part.

Then I met a guy that was taking pictures, Cobbie from Wisconsin. He took these, then we briefly chatted and exchanged e-mail addresses and wished each other well.

One muddy, wet, epic run…

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