I’m on Day 3 of this low carb high fat diet. I kept seeing those Vespa ads in Ultrarunning Magazine (as well as Trail Runner and others) and their motto “Fat is your fuel” I’m kinda intrigued. I think there’s always been a trend among ultrarunners* to be really mindful of what we’re eating and also how it shows in our performance. 

After re-reading Timmy Olson’s interviews after last year’s Western States I’m gonna give it a try, he’s a Vespa guy and a LCHF adherent, only taking in carbs on race day, and minimally at that.

I’m like 33 days out from my next race, so if I can go low carb during training (there’s going to be a lot of bonking I fear…) and teach my body to burn fat I literally have an endless (like 80,000+ calories) store of energy already in my body. That’s like 800 miles of running on my body fat alone.

I miss bread and potatoes already.

* – I kind of hate the term “ultrarunner”, there’s nothing “ultra” about the way I feel at mile 30 of a run.

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