3 weeks into the LCHF…

…and it’s totally working. Was able to do some really hard runs this past week, including some speed work yesterday (mile repeats to the tune of 6:57, 6:43 & 6:32, which was surprising) and a 10-miler on Sunday with a few hills that also surprised me (sub-9 pace).

Since I don’t own a scale I have no idea how much weight I’ve lost (and really don’t care) but from the “eye test” I’d say maybe 5 pounds? Besides for the fact that I have some abs hidden under a slight paunch, I feel lighter (which translates to “faster”; have a look at the chart at the bottom).

I’ve never been particularly concerned about weight (or even looks) but learning to burn FAT AS FUEL for endurance running seems to make more sense. Again, not to belabor the point but if I’m carrying all this fuel already in (and “on”) my body to the tune of 60,000+ calories, it makes more sense to use that than to take in carbs & sugars on a daily basis, to which at any given time I’m only able to utilize 2,000 calories.

Anyway, the “feeling lighter” I mentioned earlier might also have something to do with being faster, even if it’s only a placebo effect. I’ll take a lucky rabbit’s foot anyday…

2 lbs / 12.4 secs / 25 secs / 52 secs / 1:45
5 lbs / 31 secs / 1:02 / 2:11 / 4:22
10 lbs / 1:02 / 2:04 / 4:22 / 8:44
20 lbs / 2:04 / 4:08 / 8:44 / 17:28
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