Shin Splints!

I haven’t run since last Thursday- and that could barely be called a run, more like a “.4 mile and three blocks away I’ll have to shuffle back home now, no thanks, not tonight” sort of run, which I’ve never had to do before. I’ve always run through the pain, but something told me “not tonight”.

Looks like it’s definitely shin splints. Medial tibial stress syndrome for all you doctor-types out there.

This is why I’m writing about it and not running the Chabot 50k that’s happening right now. This changes a lot of plans.

First, no 50k today. It’s been 9 days off of running and it finally feels good enough. Gonna run tomorrow, take it real easy- running on grass wearing the Minimus and no hills.

Then going to get back onto my training plan but for the first 2 weeks only do half the prescribed miles, hopefully be ready for a 50k come mid-March.

Then, Lake Sonoma 50 miler April 13th.

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