Name Change and February Training Log

Yeah, so I went and changed my name. I still have a ton of “head, heart and guts” but I think after taking ten whole days of off running because of shin splints I got really introspective and came to the conclusion that I don’t think I’d be the runner I am if not for the area I live in.

It’s hard to put into words (so hopefully the pics I take give the trails around here some justice) but that’s what sparked the name change; I am in love with the East Bay’s trails. I have been since my first run at Redwoods Regional a few years ago, but now I’m ready to tell the world.

Anyway; here’s the February totals for training via Strava:

99.9 miles

17 hours, 3 minutes

+8,061 feet

I basically missed a whole week of running, but logged ~100 miles on only 12 runs. I feel good about that; was able to do a few long runs and really scaled it back after the shin splint scare.

Year-To-Date totals:

282.9 miles

50 hours, 10 mins

+32,815 ft

34 runs

That’s it. See you on the trails.

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