Muscle Milk Woodsy

Muscle Milk put on a 7-mile trail race at Joaquin Miller park in Oakland yesterday. It was a tough course (for those that ran the full length), they managed to pack in ~1600 feet of climbing in that amount of distance. 

There was a lot of first-time trail runners there (judging from all the road shoes, headphones-in-ear and general unfriendliness) so there was bound to be some issues- and judging from the amount of runners crossing the finish line that exclaimed “oh I think I cut the course” it also showed the inexperience of the RD’s course marking techniques; hopefully they learn from their mistakes because the race organization was pretty excellent- porta potties, great food, Cytomax everywhere, free Muscle Milk (totally gross and chemical tasting, by the way), music, free massages, a tent for stretching and rolling out your tired/sore muscles, a finish line video!, etc.

They really gave us the red carpet treatment.

So, after all the michigoss of who ran the full course and who didn’t (I saw the woman that finished in front of me go tell the timekeeper that she cut the course, they however left her in there at 8th place AND the guy that finished in front of her clearly says in his finish line video “yeah we must’ve cut the course”) I can say that I ran a great race, finishing 7th overall (although I’m listed at 9th, whatever).

I hit my goals of:

1) running in the top 10 the whole race

2) finishing within 5 minutes of the winner

3) not getting passed in the last 2 miles

4) charging the uphills and hammering the downs

So; in summation: 7th place overall, 1:01:58 (8:52 per mile)

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