First Day back (yesterday)…

Yeah, sorry no update yesterday- I actually got a run in, first one in 13 days. Some mild aching on my lower left side, sort of feels like it’s in my hip now, but nothing too serious. Just annoying and naggy.

Just gonna limit myself to 12 miles this week (I should only do about 25% of my last full week’s mileage) so that’s 4 runs every other day at 3 miles per. Ugh.

Came out at an easy 8:45 for the 1st mile, but was like, “oh I better slow down…” (I wanted to stay closer to 9 or 9:30) and then ran an easier 9:53 for the second and finished “strong” with a 9:07 for the 3rd mile.

I figured a minute to a minute-and-a-half below my average training pace would be fine. Oh, and I stretched like crazy before AND after. I was reading that a lot of lower back problems are actually caused by either tight hamstrings or some hip flexor issue. Either way, I’m not effing around with my back any more. 

Got another chiro visit Thursday evening. So far, so good…

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