Rest days are no fun…

Taking today off, ran 13.6 yesterday. At least I think it was 13.6- my iPhone actually completely ran out of juice at 13.4- first time I’ve ever run and my legs had more battery power than my device. It was a 2:02 run, and with all the apps I had open no wonder it drained itself dry. That’s a 2+ year old phone for ya.

Here’s the training log for the past week:

Sunday the 11th: rest

Monday the 12th: rest (2 days in a row!)

Tues the 13th: 5.8 miles

Weds 14th: 9.12 miles

Thurs 15th: 7.89 miles

Fri 16th: rest

Sat 17th: 7.64 miles (at Redwood Regional, the uphills killed me!)

Sun 18th: 13.4 miles (+.2ish)

Total for week: 44.05 miles

Also, the Runmeter app is crap. I will never use you again, you are a waste of $4.99.

Also, I signed up for the Rodeo Beach Trail run on New Years’ Eve. I’ll be running the 20k race. That’s only 12.4 miles for you folks keeping score at home, but a gnarly 2,400+ feet of elevation change, two major climbs (and a sweet 8+ km downhill to end it, thx bro). I’ll be ramping up the training this week before going into a chill-ass taper week before the race.


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