Since we last spoke…

…here’s a quick look at my training log for the past week (give or take a few days).

Dec 18th – 13.6 miles (all road, ran 3.5 of those around the lake with Cameron)

Dec 19th – rest (could’ve ran, wasn’t sore at all)

Dec 20th – 6.4 miles (before work, all road miles- cold and foggy)

12/21 – 9.3 miles (did the Piedmont loop, up Mandana, down Trestle Glen)

12/22 – 7.9 miles (ran all trail miles, at night with headlamps; Cameron, Pat, Will & Carl all ran- this was probably the most fun I’ve ever had running outside of a race)

12/23 – rest (totally could’ve run, but wanted to give myself at least 24 hours to recover from the week’s mileage. Oh, and I had to finish Christmas shopping…)

12/24 – 16.3 miles (Lake Chabot trails, got lost and ran about 2+ miles more than I had intended. Outran my iPhone’s battery as well, had to go back and look at a trail map to check mileage. Was bonking hard the last 3-4 miles, legs just were intermittently working at best. Most miles I’ve ever ran, btw)

12/25 – rest (needed this day, was really sore and achy)

12/26 – 8.8 miles (was sore as hell until about mile 6, broke through something and was able to finish really strong. Thought something was really wrong with my calves; usually I’m able to “run it out” after a mile or two but this was really painful- right around mile 6 it was like “poof” and gone- finished real strong, did the last two miles in under 7:30 per)

Today will be a rest day, planning on doing about 8+ tomorrow night up in the Redwoods with the gang. I’ll probably do a really easy run (~5 miles?) on Thursday and rest again Friday because Saturday is (wait for it…)

Rodeo Beach New Year’s Eve 20k Trail Race!

Damn, I love to run.

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