Rodeo Beach 20k yesterday…

The company that hosted the event (Pacific Coast Trail Runs) hasn’t posted the results online yet, but I was able to see the unofficial results as they were posting them yesterday as folks were finishing the race.

20k (12.4 miles)

2,180 feet of climbing


42nd overall

11th in the 30-39 men’s division

All in all, I have to say I was a little disappointed in my performance; I walked too many of the uphill sections (the second big climb really tore me up) and I finished somewhat strong (started my kick too early) so there’s some areas where I can see a need to improve, which is what competing is really all about for me.

I’ll probably do one more short race before I do the Oakland Marathon last weekend of March. I’m also gonna do the San Francisco Marathon end of July. I’d like to sneak something in between them, maybe do my first Ultra (but I’m thinking October or November would be more feasible).

I’ll post the official results and any photos soon as I get them.

2011, you were an awesome year for me, 1,015.17 miles, competed in 4 races, had a lot of fun. One minor injury that taught me a lot about my stretching habits and a lot of fun runs with friends. 

Bring on 2012.

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