Rodeo Beach updated results

Okay, the official results are in- apparently I ended up with a faster time but lower place than previously reported, I shoulda just stayed quiet until I got the final official results.

Here we go:

Bib # 616 

James Mccaffrey M 35 Oakland CA


14th in M30-39 

45th overall


No photos- the company that put the event on (I should say the company that took the money, Pacific Coast Trail Runs) had to hand the race over to another company (Inside Trail Racing) because of some legal issues. I’m not quite sure what’s going on with PCTR, they had to cancel a bunch of races last year and just posted on their website (and Facebook page). Here’s the scoop on ITR’s page:

Anyway, there’s like 3-4 other companies in and around the Bay Area that offer spectacular trail racing events, looks like until PCTR can figure out their whole deal I’ll be most likely entering Coastal Trail Runs‘ events- they were awesome.

Sorry for the lack of updates lately, I’ve been running. I’ll try to get a training log posted right after this one (this post was sitting in “draft” mode for 4-5 days, lol). Thanks for reading.

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