2012 Training Log (so far…)

Okay, so I was challenged to run the Steep Ravine 30k race up in Stinson Beach on the 28th of January by my homie Errico (who ran with me the last race). Here’s what I’m in for: Steep Ravine Trail Run

Look at these insane elevation profiles:

If the last race has any bearing on what to expect, I’d say I’ll run this first hill section (looks like 1500 feet up in only 5k) with no problems and then die again about 10 minutes into the next section.

In the last race, hydration and nutrition were a huge issue for me as well as tired legs- I didn’t do my usual taper week before that race and ended up with no “get up and go”. I’m going back to my training schedule that I used before the Lake Chabot race- I felt awesome that day and would like to mimic the results of that.

Anyway; here goes the training log from day 1 of this new year:

January 1st – rest (ran 20k race on December 31st)

Jan. 2nd – 4.3 miles

Jan 3 – 4.2 miles

1/4 – 5.6 miles

1/5 – 5.3 miles

1/6 – rest

1/7 – 5.5 miles

1/8 – 12.13 miles (all trail, Redwoods Regional)

1/9 – rest

1/10 – 7.08 miles

1/11 – 5.18 miles (speed workout on track)* 

* I’m going to incorporate a speed workout on Wednesdays, take off Thursday mornings and do an easy group run on Thursday nights. The speed workout is a Nike+ thing, you can download it off their iTunes page- basically (if you want to save the $) it’s Australian runner Craig Mottram’s voice over music, set to tempo. 10 minutes of warm-up, followed by 3 minutes of 80% intensity followed by 3 mins of warm-up pace again. 4 repeats of that, 10 mins of cool down). It kicked my ass yesterday.

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