Update: Training Log

I haven’t updated since the last race (Jan. 28th’s Steep Ravine). So, here’s the training log since then:

1/29 – rest

1/30 – 7.04 miles

1/31 – 4.73 mi (speed workout on Oakland Tech’s track)

JANUARY TOTALS – 165.94 miles, 9 days of rest

2/1 – 7.16 mi

2/2 – 6.34 mi (night group run at Redwoods)

2/3 – rest

2/4 – 19.73 mi (Tilden Regional park trails, ran the 30K course for the upcoming Grizzly Peak race there. I will be running the marathon, so here’s my 20-miler in preparation- 10:50 per mile with ~3100 feet; not bad for a “training” run…)

2/5 – rest

2/6 – 9.16 mi

2/7 – 6.28 mi

2/8 – 4.70 mi (speed work on OT’s track)

I will run later tonight with the gang up in the Redwoods. I’m also playing with the idea of adding some two-a-days into the mix; most likely a Wednesday night slow run, somewhere around 6-7 miles with no hills and an another easy one Thursday morning, probably 4-5 miles with some light hill work. I’d like to have my mileage logs up to around 70 mi/wk about 2 weeks before the Grizzly race.

Okay, get out there and run.

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