My first DNS…

I Did Not Start today’s Epiphany 50k race- this head cold won’t seem to go away. I was really looking forward to my first “fat ass*” race, but with the coughing and the snot and the fact that I haven’t run in four days (nice “forced” taper, I guess) there will be no race for me. 

Oh well, I took the time today to work on a rough draft of this year’s race schedule. Looks like the Tahoe Rim Trail 50 in July sold out in 5 hours, I slept right through that. Gonna do a 50-mile race either in Colorado (North Fork 50 in late June OR Silver Rush 50 in July) or Oregon (the Siskyou Out Back in late July). Still targeting Pine to Palm in September as my first 100 miler, I’m going to register for that later this week.

I’m also going to do my first ultra back in my hometown of Philly come May- the Dirty German Endurance Fest at Pennypack Park. This should be fun. I’m also looking forward to the 2013 edition of the Skyline 50k in August, I’d like to shave about 30 minutes off last year’s time of 5:40.

Well, that’s it.

* – a “fat ass” race, for those that don’t know is a (usually) free event, the organizers say something like, “no fees, no t-shirts, no bib numbers, no aid stations and no wimps”; meaning that it is a completely self-supported event. I was looking forward to running with all my water and nutrition and just getting out for what amounts to a timed long group training run. Oh well, maybe next month…

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