2013 Race Schedule

…has been finalized, and here it is (dates subject to change):

January – just training, building the base back up.

February – 50k, Feb. 23rd @ Lake Chabot, Castro Valley, CA (Inside Trail’s Chabot 50k) [link]

March – more training, gonna try an unsupported FKT on the East Bay National Skyline Trail (~32 miles) on either Saturday, March 9th or Sat. the 16th [link]

April – 50-miler, April 13th @ Lake Sonoma, Healdsburg, CA (Lake Sonoma 50) [link]

May – 50k, May 26th @ Pennypack Park, Philadelphia, PA (Dirty German Endurance Fest) [link]

June – 50-miler, June 29th @ Pine Valley Ranch Park, Pine, CO (North Fork 50 mile Trail Race) [link]

July – 27k, July 21st @ Stinson Beach, CA (Inside Trail’s La Sportiva Table Rock) [link]

August – 50-miler, Aug. 10th @ Kirkwood, CA (Troy’s California Trail Runs’ Kirkwood Trail Run Challenge) [link]

September -50-miler, Sept. 14th @ Rodeo Beach, CA (PCTR Headlands 25/50/75/100 Miles) [link]

October – 100-miler, Oct. 26th @ McDowell Mountain Regional Park, Fountain Hills, AZ (Javelina Jundred) [link]

November & December – rest, rest and more rest. I’m going to treat Javelina as my Super Bowl so I will more than likely not race the last two months of ‘13. I’ll probably go back to 40-50 mile weeks, no speed work, just chilling.

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